Today probably everyone in the betting world has heard something about arcades. There are hundreds of arcades — and every designer has a wide variety of propositions in its assortment. When choosing a slot, gamblers first assess its visual characteristics, but not always and not everyone looks at the mechanical parameters. It is difficult for experts to name the best slot since each client has his own evaluation criteria.

Therefore, further it will be consider the main parameters by which can be distinguished slots.

First it’s an amount of drums. Most of current arcades have five drums, each of which has three characters. There are also machine with four or more spinning reels. But such cases are rare.

Another popular group is three–reel apparatus. If the easiness of the act and the clarity of the rules are more important for the bettor, then it is better to choose machines with three reels. They rarely include free spins or mini–games, but sometimes there are special signs. Fruits are most often used as prize symbols.

The presence of special characters

Not all characters of the machines have basic functions — to form prize mixes when they match within the paid prize line. Some signs have their specific functions. The most common are the three types of them: wild, scatter and bonus special character. Wild is often called the «wild» sign, because it can turn into basic signs that are missing to form a prize sequence.

The scatter is a dispersion character. Its main privilege is the ability to create prize sequences without being tied to the prize lines marked on the reels. There is no paying for the bonus, but a certain number of bonuses that appear on the screen at the same time launch a mini–game.

Topic. Here all depends on the taste and preferences of the player. The developers offer arcades on various topics. On the wildreelsplay site there are slot machine games online with such topic examples as fruits, pokies, some characters etc. Sometimes bettors choose only by topic — this is not so good approach, it’s also need to take into account the peculiarities of the device.

Risk game. For some gamblers, the emotions and passion provided in the main game are not enough. Therefore, in the functionality of most modern apparatus has been included the risk play. It is basically a simple poker act in which needed to guess the highest–valued card.

In a number of arcades, instead of the seniority of the card, needed to guess its color. It should be remembered that the bet in such play is the bettor’s winnings in the previous round. If the player guesses the outcome incorrectly, then the entire prize will be sent to the casino’s income.


This information will help to decide with the choice of an apparatus. There are a huge amount of them on the site wildreelsplay with a big variety of different symbols. It is also important to remind about the possibility to evaluate own chances of success by trying the demo version of the slots.