Between the different developments in progress there are two for which recent updates have arrived. The first concerns the viper lunar robot, the second is more projected in the future and looks at the creation of a satellite network to support surface operations. Robot viper, looking for water and lunar icerover viper (volatiles bias exploration rover) is a project funded by the nose, which provides for the sending of a robotic mission on the lunar surface by 2023. the main objective will be to map the water resources site near the lunar south pole.

Viper will have and size of a Go-Kart and will be able not only to detect the water, but also to make samples to learn more about its composition. Although it is still in development, the nasa recently outlined other characteristics of the rover. Viper will have to be able to move within the craters, therefore the wheels will be used for this task and a suspension system optimized for various slopes.

His mission will last 100 days on earth. The realization of viper was assigned to astrobiotic last year, that it has won a contract from almost 230 million dollars.