Are light (just 134 grams,) easily wearable, and will open a new world to users, who will be so able to live “diving experiences in ar“. Attention, however: will be proposed only to creators and, in general, to the authors of content ar “who dare to reinvent the way we communicate, live and explore the world together”. The new spectacles have a 30-minute range and are equipped with dual 3d display with waveguide technology and visual field of 26.3°, latency of 15ms and dynamic brightness up to 2000 nits.

Also two cameras with rgb sensor, four microphones, two stereo speakers and a touchpad from which to launch the slow carousel. The data processing process is entrusted to the snapdragon xr1 platform, the same as we find within the reference design of Qualcomm. Of course, compatibility with the desktop app lens studio for the realization of lenses and animations within the ar platform (it is available for both windows and macos.)

The lenses can then be sent to the spectacles wirelessly.