The official appointment is for next week, and more precisely for Tuesday, May 25 . That day, in fact, realme will hold a special event dedicated to the launch of an unpublished – and also unexpected, under certain lines – brand for connected devices . No smartphone and wearable, this time ( realme narzo 30 , watch 2 pro and wireless buds 2 are the last examples), but something different.

The internet of things and smart things will have a new home: d.translated into Italian, the tweet loses its meaning: dream, discovery, design, development and different are words that in English all begin with the letter d, well printed also in the very short video to kit. The news will be announced next week, and to date no advances have emerged on specific products and services. Is out of doubt that the sub-brand d will welcome products for the connected and smart home.

Part of the portfolio has not yet been defined, then, since realme itself launched the invitation to collaborate to create innovative devices.