Med store launches “INFINITY 4ALL” online, the new way to have an always new apple device, with the best accessories and services, starting from 13,41€ per month on Medstore.itIt is a service that meets the needs of today, in order to have a technological tool in step with the times. A new way of conceiving technology, a “pay-per-use” that exceeds the concept of traditional purchase making it even easier to update everyday devices. It is the goal that med store, apple premium reseller, has been placed in recent years.

The project “Infinity 4All”, developed in collaboration with the same apple italia, responds to the need, made even more important given the current situation, to be able constantly to have a performing and advanced device. “Infinity 4All” begins with an in-depth investigation of the latest trends in the technological sector, which sees users increasingly willing to renew their devices frequently to have ever greater performance and power, instead of purchases to be used up to obsolescence. Moreover it is possible to change its own oate apple to further reduce the value of the rata.

All in the stores of the med store chain, but also comfortably from home, thanks to the new online portal. Infinity 4all is also combinable with most of the already active med store offers, and therefore even more convenient on already discounted products.