According to the latest May security bulletin, google has discovered four vulnerabilities in android that can allow malicious code execution and allow you to take full control of devices. All four vulnerabilities were corrected by google who released security updates that now device manufacturers have the task of distributing to users. In particular, the CVE-2021-1905 is related to memory and allows you to perform malicious code with unlimited root privileges.

The other vulnerability, the CVE-2021-1906, is relative instead to a logical defect that can cause errors in the allocation of new gpu memory addresses. In this case, the severity level is 5.5. the other two vulnerabilities, the CVE-2021-28663 and the CVE-2021-28664, are related to drivers that work with the gpu harm ills. Both allow root access on vulnerable devices.

For all others, instead, you will have to wait for the producers to release an update.