After having seen the data vodafone relating to the 2020 fiscal year, let’s now focus on the market trend of the other main Italian infrastructure player, tim. Revenues (€3.8 billion), in line with data from the previous year. Good news also in the field of fixed telephony, which reports a +3% on an annual basis.

Among infrastructure operators, tim is what brings the best result in terms of customer flow to other operators (mnp). As for the fixed, more and more customers aim to the ultra-wide band: in the white areas 92% of Italian families are already covered. 424 thousand new ultrabroadband lines were activated during the q1 2021, bringing the total to 9,1 million units (+23% on an annual basis).

Fibercopthe agreement for the entrance of kkr infrastructure and fastweb in the capital of fibercop is concluded. 5tim started the open-age program (open radio access network) for the innovation of the mobile access network and for the development of digital services.