Continue to emerge news from the google I/O 2021 and, after the recap of yesterday, today we return to take a look at the ads that have not found space in the course of the opening keynote. As we well know, google I/O is an event that does not end with the initial presentation, since sessions (although this time are virtual) go on for several days. Android and nest products will be compatible with matterthe unified iot protocol matter could revolutionize the world of smart home, thanks to the integration of all current systems designed to operate in isolated ecosystems of google, apple and amazon.

In addition to this, nest devices can interact with a greater number of smart products thanks to the new wireless communication protocol called thread (using matter as a common language), thanks to a software update that will be released in the future. Finally, the return of home and away routines within nest devices has been confirmed, thanks to which you can program actions for all network devices that are performed when the user moves away or returns home. A portal dedicated to smart homealways remaining in the theme of smart home, google has also created a new web portal dedicated to creating a smart ecosystem.

The site includes a number of suggestions and recommended products, with the possibility to buy them directly through google shopping. This is intended to make the orientation easier between the more than 80 different categories of compatible products and the millions of devices present. Google smart home portalshortcuts to android apps arrive on assistantgoogle assistant is increasingly integrated in android and with the release of android 12 will be even more, thanks to better management of shortcuts that will send the user directly to the most indicated app according to the request/situation of the moment.

Currently assistant already offers rapid actions – placed in the lower part of the interface – which change according to user habits, however these are limited exclusively to the range of possibilities offered by the google service. New font google sans text for appsFinally, google announced the intention to use its new google sans text font, introduced last year, also for applications. The font represents a variation of the google sans presented in 2018 (which in turn is a variant of product sans), and until now it has been used exclusively for the logo and slogans of the company.

At the moment it is unclear whether google will make it available also for third-party applications or if you choose to reserve it exclusively to yours. A little above you can see two comparison pictures showing the old google sans next to the text version; The latter adopts less rounded characters and therefore more compact.