Less than two months after the launch, set for July 16, nintendo returns to talk about the legend of zelda: skyward sword hd , the porting for nintendo switch of the ocito title originally on wii in distant 2011. don’t do those faces: yes, it’s already been ten years. If you have already played it at the time, or if you have to recover it, from a while it is already possible to proceed with the preorder on amazon. Today the giant of kyoto has decided to release a new trailer dedicated to the title to introduce the unborn amiibo of zelda and its blue solcanubi, one of the cute birds that allow to explore the skies of a primordial hyrule.

The amyibo in fact, like many other companions, will allow an exclusive interaction within the game. In any way, the “myibo of the discord” that represents zelda and the solcanubi will arrive in the shops on July 16, simultaneously with the game and with the special set of Joy-Con inspired by the master sword and the hylia shield.