The new york times, through an article, brought to light a somewhat dark side of apple. In fact, the company has become an accomplice to the chinese government and for this reason, pavel duv, founder of telegrams, has been hard on the company and its entire ecosystem. Through very strong words released on its telegram channel, duv accused apple of preferring profit instead of the freedom of its users or however of people in general.

The long post explains well what happened and addresses Apple as the one that creates digital slavery in users. We proceed by degrees:New York Times found out that apple is involved in large-scale surveillance and censorship at the behest of the cina. As you know, there reigns the dictatorship and users are not free neither to express themselves nor to publish some personal thoughts on social media.

Apple, while not renouncing the huge embroidery that he gets from the vast Chinese people, decided to substantiate the government, helping him in this madness. Several times the company has pointed out the importance of the Chinese market because it speaks of over 1 billion people. The worst part of Apple technology are not the heaviest devices or obsolete hardware.

Owning an iPhone makes you a digital slave of apple: you can only use apps that apple allows you to install through the App store and you can only use icloud to back up.