A couple of days ago was the time of the presentation for the narzo smartphone 30. now, however, it touches the wearables: less than a month after the launch of the watch 2 in malaysia, realme unveiled watch 2 pro along with the 2 wireless buds earphones and the pocket bluetooth speaker. Watch 2 prorealme watch 2 pro just like the younger brother has a design with square case reminiscent of the apple watch and opposite watch, embellished with a 2.5 curve of the glass covering the screen. The display is a 1.75-inch (320×385 pixels) lcd with 286 ppi and a maximum brightness peak of 600 nits.

At the level of technical features we find the bluetooth connectivity 5.0 (required to connect to smartphones, associating it with the realme link app) and gps. Regarding physical activity, there are 90 different sports modes supported including running and outdoor walking, bicycle, football, basketball, cricket, rope jump, vo2max test, yoga and free training. The watch is water resistant and dust resistant thanks to the ip68 certification, weighs 40 grams and measures 255,2 × 38,9 × 12,65 mm.

Realme watch 2 pro is available in Malaysia in two colors, black and light grey, for the equivalent of 59 euros. Wireless buds 22 wireless buds are in-ear headphones that connect wirelessly to the smartphone, but among them are joined by a cable: sportsmen, or those who generally have the habit of removing and often putting headphones, may prefer this design to true wireless alternatives for the possibility of dropping earphones around the neck. To note that they can be comfortably connected thanks to a magnetic hook.

2 wireless buds weigh 29 grams, they are resistant to splashing water thanks to the ipx5 certification and arrive in two colors: kandi yellow and kandi grey. Will be available in Malaysia from June 6 for the equivalent of approximately 25 euros. You can also combine multiple speakers to create a stereo sound scene, as well as respond to calls thanks to the integrated microphone.

The 600-mah battery ensures up to 6 hours of playback and can be recharged via the USB-C port. Pocket bluetooth speaker arrives in Malaysia in two colors, classic black and desert grey, and for a price contained just like its size, i.e.