kobo renews the offer of ebook reader by launching the new elipse. Is a very different product from the previous kobo nia launched last summer: This, we wrote at the time, is the ebook reader for all, while the new elipse turns – both for functionality, and for price – to a niche of more restricted users. Technical characteristicsprice and availabilityelipsa is not only an ebook reader with a wide screen: thanks to the support to the kobo stylus allows to take notes and write down ebooks and pdfs (except pdfs with management of digital rights or limited licenses. )

Elipse kobo automatically adjusts the thickness of the writing tract according to the applied pressure. It is also possible to create personal clipboard blocks, convert annotations to digital text, and also export them (via dropbox.) Completes the picture the sleepcover case that, in addition to protecting the ebook reader, allows you to put it in standby with the simple magnetic closure of the cover and to keep it correctly placed on a floor for reading and writing.

The preorders take the start today also in Italy (link in source,) while the availability in the shops and online is fixed for the next 24 June.