A little m3, f3 and x3 pro, have brought the brand back in the spotlight thanks to an interesting technical sheet combined with an affordable price. The answer of the market was positive, and the intention is to continue to beat the iron until it is hot: just in these last hours was presented little m3 pro 5g, already available on amazon. This means that m3 has already surpassed – and of a lot – the capostipite littlephone f1, the product that has marked the origin of the brand, but stopping at 2.2 million units sent.

M3, according to the report provided by idc for February, was the most sold smartphone india on online stores. The data relating to little f3 and x3 pro are combined: We know that overall 2 million units have already been placed in less than two months. If you want to know them better and understand which of the two smartphones is preferable, no fear: in the x3 pro review we compared them by examining all the differences.

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