Protagonist of today’s review is the lily, smartwatch from the elegant line launched recently by garmin. More focused on well-being than on sport in the strict sense, it is a particular device: from turned off almost looks like a normal watch, and is of small size, thought for thin wrists. I’ve done it for a while and I have to say that, net of the absence of the integrated gps, the experience has all been satisfactory.

Design: smart but elegantThe first thing that jumps to the eye is the look: nice, compact, I found it aesthetically very pleasant. The monochrome touch screen disappears when you do not use it, leaving the place to the texture of the dial, which is different for each color variant. It is very light – it is only 24 grams – so much that after a while you forget to wear it, which is also useful to monitor night sleep.

In the sport version that I tried the case is aluminum and the 14 mm strap, very soft, is silicone and laces like a normal watch. There is also a classic version with steel case and leather strap; given the unstandard size, if you want to change strap you should probably stay among the proposals of the house. A characteristic, the latter, unusual in the today’s panorama of wearables, and that however given the nature of the product with fixed background I was not particularly sorry, indeed.

The brightness is automatic – great thing – and the output is good, since the display is visible in all light conditions. MENU and emergency functionpassing to the navigation of the internal menus, scrolling horizontally to the right or left you access a series of main screens that you can choose from the app garmin; I, for example, chose to see notifications, passers, heart rate, weather, hydration, music playback. Unique neo, lily does not have the integrated gps, which is why you will need to bring your smartphone with you to access these possibilities.

Missing accessory features but sometimes useful like the nfc, shutter and torch. Passing to sport, you can say that the lily does not arise as a sportwatch, differentiating itself in this from the classic garmin devices. For each of these workouts there are minimal customizations, such as the length of the pool for swimming and the possibility to set goals and alerts.

For some sports, such as walking and running, there is also an effective automatic detection set by unique app. Neo, during the workouts you can not return to the home without interrupting them, but only display some summary pages with time and music playback. Apps and notificationsfor those who do not know it, the app is the excellent and well-established garmin connect, which includes a wide range of features, information and statistics on parameters and performance.

I tried it on a 4a pixel, so with a stock version of android, but it is also compatible with ios. Synchronization with the smartphone is great, and double sense: Therefore, if you cancel a notification from the smartwatch this will also disappear from the smartphone. However, notifications should be deleted one by one.

Autonomy, price and conclusionsFinally, the chapter autonomy: the battery promises to hold 4 days, but a lot depends on what functions you choose to keep active, brightness and number of workouts. The clamp charger, common to other wearable garmin, is rather curious and not particularly aesthetically treated, which strews with the elegant appearance of the lily. However, it allows to recharge it from 0% to 100% in about an hour.

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