In particular, federighi said that “to date there is a level of malware that apple does not believe acceptable”, highlighting how actually the most open approach of macos has actually caused problems on the security front. The legal clash between apple and epic continues to give us new interesting curiosities thanks to the testimonies of the high-level managers who are called to depose. Recently it was the turn of craig federighi, head of the software division of apple, which has touched a topic for a long time very debated: the presence of malware on the macos platform.

According to the report, in the last year apple discovered 130 different malware; among these one was able to infect over 300,000 computers. Federighi believes that macos is still a safer platform than windows, but at the same time ios and ipados offer an even higher level of protection. Forcing apple to open its mobile operating systems would lead to the zeroing of this gap, making iPhones and iPads less secure.