Apple announced support for a new lossless format for apple music. However, it must be pointed out and understood that this limitation is not imposed by apple or is a marketing choice but is simply a bluetooth limit. The result would be bad, it simply can’t work and that’s why bluetooth headphones are limited to using aac codec that is a compressed audio format, which uses apple music right now.

As you know, apple has plans to release new airpods and these headphones could make a difference. While remaining true that by bluetooth no pair of headphones can be able to play the audio in lossless format, Apple has another technology called airplay. To understand: try transferring a 50mb video from an android mobile phone to a mac using the bluetooth.

To be able to use the airplay protocol on the airpods, the latter should have a wifi chip, absolutely necessary to create the bridge. At the moment none of the existing airpods has one so even through an update of the apple software could succeed in this intent. The new airpods 3 instead, could be equipped and could become the world’s first wireless headphones with the ability to play music in lossless format without adapters, without cables or dongles.

This is probably the reason why we have been talking about airpods 3 for a long time but they have not yet been announced. Similarly, we might think that if airpods 3 have not yet been announced is because the company was finishing the works, concessions and licenses to be able to launch high-definition apple music before generating the world’s first wireless and lossless headphones. Apple music without loss of quality will be available from June.

We hope that the new headphones can be announced for the same period, perhaps at the end of the wwdc21 keynote.