google I/O 2021 is the right opportunity to take stock of the tools adopted to ensure the safety of the ecosystem of products and google services. The house of mountain view has anticipated the novelties of the password manager integrated in chrome for android and more generally provided updated data on the timing of release of security patches and the effectiveness of google play protect, which continues to stem the spread of malicious apps, albeit with additional margins of improvement. The first data from which to start concerns confirmation that in the first trimester of 2021 95% of devices based on android 11 received security patches within 90 days of release.

Google continues to carry out programs that directly involve external developers and experienced users by making available substantial amounts of money for those who manage to identify vulnerabilities and security breaches in its products and services. In 2020 the mountain view house paid US$1.74 million in the vulnerable reward program and over $270.000 to those who successfully took part in the google play security reward and developer data protection reward programs.