The vodafone group closes the fiscal year 2020 (at 31 March 2021) with stable revenues and resilient performances. Good signals also for what concerns the operating profit, which grows of 24,3 percentage points stating at 5,1 billion euros. -0.1%vodafone italiaRevenue services: 4,46 billion euros.

-7.5%revenues fixed network services: 1,21 billion euros. +1.4%broadband customers: 3 million. +3.1%fiber services: 25 million households and enterprises (8.4 million with ultra broadband network)of families and enterprises (8.4 million with ultra broadband network) ho.

Mobile: 2.5 million customers also have optimism limiting analysis to the Italian market: increase both revenues from fixed network services (+1.4%), and the number of customers in broadband (+3.1%). Mobile mobilegood results for ho. Mobile: the virtual operator of vodafone can now count on 2.5 million customers.

There are 25 cities covered by 5g, more than 5 thousand instead the Italian municipalities that can access the fwa network.