In a few minutes, however, even those who own an android device can play with us: starting yesterday, May 18, it is possible to pre-register on the play store (at this link ), while the official launch date of the game is set for June 17 . Ocyto originally on pc in October 2018, thronebraker: the witcher cuttings is a card-based gdr that expands the galaxy of the famous franchise in the hands of cd projekt. About history, the events described take the moves before those that characterize the witcher, and the player is in the shoes of the queen meve, the ruler of lyria and revia.

The world of play consists of five regions never explored before in the franchise: rivia, lyria, angren, mahakam and lower aedirn. To do so you will need to operate choices, which will change the course of the narrative and will also affect the gameplay.