Few frills and a lot of substance, with the aim of putting the performance first in the priority scale. After trying it for a few days it is then time to tell you how it went and how this notebook behaves in the most diverse situations. How much really pushes the new rtx 3070 into this configuration that can turn it to 125w?

Keep reading to find out and get ready to see some beautiful ones! Here it looked after absolutely the substance and therefore weight and compactness were a little sacrificed on the altar of performance. The thickness reaches 2.7 cm in the highest point and the weight is 2.6 kg (to which you have to add about one kilo of power supply).

Transporting it is not simple but these characteristics are certainly compensated by good solidity and especially by the performance we will talk about shortly. In the back of the shell we find the legion logo that lights up when the notebook is lit and oo. Opening the lid we immediately see the extended keyboard that here has obviously been thought more in gaming than for writing and the oo “by office”.

This is why the feedback offered has been calibrated differently from other solutions of the company. Along the two short sides we find the audio jack, an ob type a, a USB-C and a physical selector that allows you to virtually obscure the webcam. This I/O panel offers three more ob type a, a second USB-C, a standard hdmi and an ethernet port, as well as the owner connector for charging.

In my view the only obvious lack is that of a memory card reader. Separate card reader, I felt the lack of a biometric sensor for fast and secure access to the system. Despite the space available, we have neither a fingerprint reader nor infrared sensors for facial recognition.

Top display for gamingthen let’s take a look at the display that I read inserted in this configuration. Let’s talk about a 16-inch diagonal panel with 16:10 appearance ratio and a resolution of 2560×1600 pixels. We are talking about a classic ips lcd display that, despite these characteristics so specific, also retains a good quality in terms of calibration and color reproduction.

We have a maximum brightness that touches the 450 cd/mq and a good contrast ratio. These two elements, combined with the matt finish that can contain the reflections at most, allow to have a readability more than satisfactory in practically all situations. To all this we must then add the complete coverage of the standard srgb and delta and enough content both for the gray scale and for the colors.

In short, a panel designed for gaming but still well suited to a type of use that is more voted for content creation. This lenovo legion 5 pro is equipped with two speakers placed at the base of the notebook and turned towards the support plan. In this way the plan itself is exploited to reflect the sound and, as far as possible, amplify it.

Hardware and excellent performanceas I have already anticipated in the introduction this is a gaming notebook and, as such, lenovo has built it first of all thinking to make it perfectly functional to its purpose and thus balancing to perfection all the elements that hide under the shell. It is a classic pcie 3.0 and on the motherboard a second slot is available for expansion. These last generation ryzens confirm in substance how good they have seen from the models that preceded them improving their performance.

Demonstrating that this behaviour is more than satisfactory comes from the result of our stress test. To this result, already very interesting in itself, a consideration should be added on the management of temperatures. The throttling is really very limited and you almost never go over 90 degrees, with an average at the end of the session that is around 84 degrees.

Of course all this using the maximum performance mode selected between the options of the lenovo app boasts, always very useful to manage power and energy saving. Also adding load on the gpu the result remains excellent. The frequencies on the 8 cores lower some mhz stopping around 3.2 ghz, a great value, while the temperatures are only a couple of degrees higher.

During this test we found the maximum absorption for the gpu which is 142w. To these 142w peak of the gpu we can then add the 77 of the cpu to find what is the consumption in the times of maximum load. We talk about 220-230 w which are perfectly supported by the 300w magazine that we find in the package.

You can mount videos, even in 4k, model and render 3d and of course also work with all the most common photo editing programs. A nod also to the fans that with cpu and gpu full load are engaged to their maximum rotation regime. The smooth you make enough feel but I happened to have to deal with even much more noisy solutions.

How to make the most of the rtx 3070I’ve already said that I don’t know how many times, we’re talking about a notebook gaming that performs its main goal. In this detail, which is not detail, we must therefore look for the value of the work done by lenovo. The black-green company declares for the card a tdp between 80 and 125w but, as seen shortly ago, legion 5 pro manages to turn the rtx 3070 constantly to 125w and in some fringenti it even pushes to 140w.

All this is possible thanks to the good dissipation system and the proper balance of all the elements of the platform. But let’s not get lost in other talk and let’s see how it behaves in what should be its natural habitat: the gaming. To test the performance of the legion 5 pro we have made a series of more or less recent titles and belonging to different types of game.

Below you will find the graph of the results obtained compared to those of the gs66 stealth with rtx 3080 (also with 2k display) tried some time ago. In all cases the resolution was set to 2560×1600 pixels and details at the maximum, pre-set, available. From the comparison with the rtx 3080 of the notebook msi then emerges how important it is to be able to turn the gpu to the maximum of its possibilities.

It is data that place the product well above the previous generation solutions, even considering top range tabs like the old 2080 super. They are obviously not data that make the miracle scream, but honestly we didn’t even expect to have a champion of autonomy in our hands. The magazine in the package, which as I have already told you dispenses up to 300w, weighs almost a kilo and is a beautiful brick also in terms of size.

The good news is that it fully recharges the notebook in stand-by in about an hour and twenty minutes. Final considerationsWell, now you should have understood, this legion 5 pro has absolutely convinced me because it is a notebook that keeps promises. In this case the compromises, as already said, are in size and portability but are, in my view, widely repaid by the performances.

In short, buying legion 5 pro you will find in your hands a small tank all-round that will surely not disappoint you. Even the price, despite being quite high in absolute value, is in my view absolutely congruous and in line with the competition.