A couple of days to the official launch of the new pro ipads with soc m1 and in the course of today’s day the first international reviews of the new apple home tablets have arrived. Never as this year there is so much interest and enthusiasm around the ipad pro: if the 2020 update was nothing but a shy refresh waiting for more important news, these came precisely with the models that are coming to the market and concern all the main areas. The switch to the m1 chip, the inclusion of the thunderbolt port, the renewed front camera and the introduction of the miniled panel on the 12.9″ model, are all elements that make us understand how apple is willing to make a clear step ahead of its tablet.

As for the 12.9″ miniled panel, bohn allows us to understand immediately that the implementation of this technology follows exactly the classic apple philosophy: it is only known where it is needed. In everyday use, in fact, ipad pro 12,9″ does not offer a visual quality too different from the 11 model,” except for the best contrasts and the most evident depth of black. In short, it’s a bit what happens now also on the iPhone pro.

In particular, a video export test on imovie is mentioned with a 1-hour fullhd video (H.264), which is completed in 12 minutes against the 17 employees of the 2020 model. The review of brownlee lies exclusively around the 12.9″ model with miniled panel and also in this case the impressions are very positive. In short, the trend is quite clear: the new ipad pro convince on all fronts, but the time has come for a step change on the front of the software, the only true limit that prevents the next generation tablets to completely disconnect with the predecessors, unlike what would not be said from the technical card.

Below we also leave you some other review, including those of cnet, dave2d, engadget and rene ritchie: Good vision!