On the sony site they have made their appearance the tv x93j / x94j, new series that take back many of the characteristics of the x90j and x92j (almost identical except the pedestal) proposing a different base. The panels are lcd ultra hd type full led array with local dimming (to know what it is we send you to this guide) . The available models are four, the same as the other sony series mentioned in opening: 50″ 55″ , 65″ and 75″ .

Xr cognitive processor analyzes the image by subdividing it into several areas to identify the focal point, i.e. In the sony specifications, this is about xr contrast booster 5, a measurement system that is used to assess product capabilities in terms of dynamic range. X93j / x94j therefore shows the same value as we find in the x90j and x92j technical sheet while x95j goes further (xr contrast booster 10).

For signal processing is the xr cognitive processor, a new generation artificial intelligence electronics described under “cognitive intelligence”. Like x92j also x93j/ x94j televisions are equipped with rich color enhancer, an algorithm that makes the colors more vivid and the images more vivid. Compared to the other two series mentioned, the microphones integrated into the TV body for the “hands-free” vocal interaction, i.e.

The smart tv platform is based on google tv and is almost certainly managed by the same soc mediatek mt5895 that we find on other sony products. X93j / x94j are obviously capable of showing content in hdr made in hdr10, hlg and dolby vision formats.