New bowArcher is updated to version 1.24. first of all there is the introduction of bees called raw depth, an evolution of depth api launched last year. New bees will also expand communication dynamics during video calls, allowing you to interact with real world objects in the context of augmented reality. Anyway, let’s wait to find out something new about the latest version of the robot every day, or almost.

At the moment it is not clear, however, if it is a property linked to Android 12 beta 1, the play store or the pixel launcher. A google room MORE inclusiveCameras are considered as a tool capable of capturing and crystallizing an objective reality, but in reality they do not provide a representation filtered by the lenses and algorithms. Google has announced that she has engaged in the development of a more “accurated and inclusive” version of her room app.

Soon said: until today the operation of the cameras has been calibrated, mainly thinking of white subjects. Over time then google also made sure to integrate android views with jetpack composes, thus facilitating a natural migration to this new reference. Beta 1.0 of jetpack compose was released in March, and on the occasion of I/O 2021 it was announced that the stable version will arrive in July.

So that support for the new design language brought by Android 12, or “material you”, should be introduced, instead, a little more: but it is expected to arrive by the year. But it is already time to look forward, because google announced flutter 2.2. In reality, this new version more than putting other meat on fire aims to solidify what has been done so far, increasing the stability and performance of existing functions.

For all the technical details we will refer you to the extensive intervention of tim sneath, product manager for flutter and dart at google.