Paying in terms of amazon was one of the most requested options by users in the past years. Today, that almost everyone has evolved, even thanks to the cashback of the state, amazon introduced the novelty of cash payments. From today therefore there are no excuses: nobody can say “I don’t buy on amazon because I don’t have a credit card or I don’t want to put it online because I don’t trust”.

How does payment with cash on amazon workthe procedure to be able to pay in cash is very simple and is perfectly explained on this official page:first, enter the site and purchase what you want. Select “ Cash pay at the nearest point of sale” as payment method. Cash payment is convenient for all people who do not have a credit card but there is also an alternative:It is in fact possible to buy good amazon gifts (both in physical shops such as mediaworld and similar, both in some supermarkets,) pay these vouchers in counts and then charge the credit on your amazon account.

This system is not new, but it is precisely what everyone used before the direct introduction of cash payments.