From October 2020 to today are 7,000 people cheated on the cryptocurrency market for a total of 80 million dollars, twelve times the value recorded the previous year. And not all are experts, letting themselves be easily matched by false consultants who can take on the face of anyone. Also of elon musk.

That elon musk is an influential character, we know that. But that its image is exploited for less noble purposes than building electric cars or travelling in space is another speech. A speech that, however, must be addressed, since the scams in his name are a growing phenomenon, so that even the American ftc has moved to take shelter.

But this can also be part of the cunning to convince you to invest in their program. And when it is time to withdraw the earned sum, here comes the stop from the scammers: “before cashing, he pours another cryptocurrency.” More common scams:proposals made by famous and/or influential characters (see case elon musk)suggestions made in chat of online dating.