The arrival of the dolby vision in video games on consoles (the tests on xbox series s and x) are not so easy to predict for televisions on the market. The criticality at the moment is relative to the operation of the signals in dolby vision with ultra hd resolution to 120 hz. Up to 60 hz there are no particular problems: compatible models (except for the most dated ones: the first generations with dolby vision supported at the maximum signals at 30 hz) with the dolby format recognize and display the signal without problems.

Climbing to 120 hz the situation changes drastically, as you can easily find also through a xbox series x console using the appropriate screen that reports all the resolutions and formats displayed on the connected TV. In fact, at the moment, there are no products capable of simultaneously managing the ultra hd at 120 hz and the dolby vision: you have to choose between the 120 hz in hdr10 or the dolby vision at 60 hz.