During its annual conference, google announced smart canvas, a new collaborative space more flexible, interactive and intelligent workspace where to create documents, sheets and presentations. With smart canvas, google aims to make online collaboration even more fluid, as being next to a partner. For example, you can work on sheets and documents without leaving a google chat room or convoking a call meets directly in a document.

You can add (tag) people in a document, simply by selecting it, or include interactive lists, such as a list of tasks to be completed. When a person is mentioned in the document, additional information is now displayed including location, work role and all contact info. To enter a mention just type the “@” character to display a list of people, files and appointments.

Other news regarding google meet is a function called companion mode that offers each team member their own video box, whether it is in the office or working remotely. Google meet will also be equipped with an automatic learning technology that will automatically focus and enlarge the subject framed by the camera, as well as noise cancellation and subtitles in real time for video calls.