To google I/O 2021 (here our direct) there is space for maps, service that over the years has changed – and so much – evolving and introducing different functions and tools. From street view, that since 2007 helps users to distract themselves through the streets of the cities, until they get to navigation actually increased through live view. Probability of accidentmachine learning comes to the help of drivers’ safety: the information on the navigation of google maps will be provided taking into consideration several factors, such as the number of lanes of the road.

Walk on footVisiting an unknown place you can directly access live view from google maps to receive information about the shops and restaurants around us (although they are crowded, given the period, in addition to reviews and photos). Detailed maps will also help to know if there are available pavements or pedestrian areas and will arrive in August in different cities, including sedan and derision. Crowded areasgoogle maps will show the more or less crowded areas of the place where you are located.

In this way, for example, a road with too many people can be avoided to ensure social separation, preferring an alternative route. Right map at the right timeindications will be given on maps based on the time of the day. If you open maps in the morning, for example, the breakfast bars will be shown, if it is evening the restaurants will be displayed, and so on.