Devolo mesh Wi-Fi 2 is available in two versions: starter kit, with two receivers for two-storey houses or medium-sized apartments and multiroom kits, which instead integrates three mesh Wi-Fi 2 modules for even more coverage, useful also in the case of small companies. Devolo presented the new mesh Wi-Fi 2, a device that allows to expand wireless connectivity of home even in the case of very large environments, without sacrificing performance and signal stability. A device that adds to the company’s fast powerline as the magic 2 Wi-Fi next we tried a few months ago.

A traditional modem-router, often provided by the various operators, offers performance in most cases in the average and the more the distance between the source and the connected device, the lower the performance. The same thing happens with a repeater, which allows you to increase the coverage space, but often with an important decrease of the connection speed. Wi-Fi mesh is the perfect solution because it not only expands the normal Wi-Fi signal coverage, but allows the user to be connected to the most stable and powerful source and thus able to guarantee a higher speed.

The presence of MU-MIMO technology also allows you to manage each device autonomously, so that you can best distribute the speed.