In the next quarter, however, always according to the forecasts of digitimes, we should witness a new rise in the smartphone market thanks to an improvement of the logistics regarding the supply and the launch of new models from the major brands. Estimates for 2021, therefore, at the moment predict that global smartphone shipments reach a volume between 1.35 and 1.4 billion units: numbers that would be superimposed to those recorded in 2019.xiaomi and oppo, according to typimes, would have seen the downturn of their goals for 2021, taking into account the negative effects that the chip crisis will produce on the productive possibilities. The smartphone market began to great on 2021, closing the first trimester with an important increase on an annual basis, which is equivalent to a total of 347 million units shipped.

However, the next quarter should instead mark a decline mainly attributable to the chip crisis that is afflicting the supply chains of the sector, at least according to the forecasts drawn from the last report of typimes . Apple was placed second, stopping at 56 million units, but recording an increase compared to its results for the previous year, even greater than 49.5%.