Darkside strikes again: the hacker collective that according to the FBI acts from the Russian, after putting on his knees the oa with the ransomware attack last May 7 to colonial pipeline, one of the major national pipelines, has thrown another attack, and this time the victim is a tech company, that is the multinational Japanese toshiba. Toshiba has announced that it has received reports on cyber attacks from five of its European subsidiaries. The group has also implemented countermeasures to stop the networks and systems operating between Japan and Europe, as well as those active in the European subsidiaries, in order to prevent its spread during the manoeuvres necessary for restoration.

Even in this case, darkside would have asked for a ransom payment for the return of the loot, but it would seem that toshiba refused to indulge the hackers. Following the transaction, colonial pipeline returned to full regime, although for a few days still the shortage of fuel in some regions of the United States will still be a theme, although now in motion.