Apple today presented the new apple music hd that manages to provide high definition music, without compression. Unfortunately, some headphone models have been designed well before this function comes to mind to the apple managers, so you will not enjoy the same -high quality – through all the headphones. Let’s understand better: apple music, starting from June, will begin to support: dolby atmos, audio lossless (without compression) through the new alac codec (apple loseless audio codec) and spatial audio.

The lossless format instead uses the new alac codec that in fact will not succeed to work. The same apple emphasizes that it will be easier to enjoy the lossless format through apple tv and homepod. By connecting speakers to a mac, you will be able to enjoy the high definition of music from there.

For the moment the company does not offer any solution for high definition music in mobility. How to activate lossless format in apple musicWhen ios 14.6 is available for everyone, dolby atmos will be automatically activated when we use airpods. With other headphones instead we will have to do it manually in the settings > music > audio > dolby atmos setting on “Always active”.

Through ios we can also decide whether to download songs in lossless format or Hi-Res lossless format but having understood that the Hi-Res lossless is reproducible only through an external dac, in most cases it will be useless to choose the latter. Hi-Res lossless tracks occupy a lot of space in memory and require up to 50mb for every 3 minutes of streaming.