The ocita of resident evil village, which is making excellent numbers, was preceded by a trail of memes linked mainly to the character of lady dimitrescu: and it was therefore natural that this overload of reality translated, in the virtual space of the game, into ridiculous and grotesque mods for the pc version. Yes, we know. First came the pornographic mods, as it was predictable.

The victim of this particular fate of the code is her, the giant vampira, the dimitrescu. And it is always “the doll effect” to make disturbing another mod that is born to be fun and that intervenes on the game with an exchange of identity. In this case the protagonist chris redfield walks around the whole game with the face of his newly born daughter, roses.

On the mod that replaces the enemies a purple barney legion, the dinosaur, there is nothing to say. But it makes me want to see an identical one, but with the polygonal model of the gabibbo to replace all those barneys.