First, a new xiaomi smartphone corresponding to the m1908c3jgg model appeared in the fcc database. The leaker kacper skrzypek, as the xdadevelopers colleagues detect, after discovering this first information continued to investigate and according to its reconstruction found confirmation that the device in question is a new version of redmi note 8. it should be “remarked 8 (2021) “. But why do we find ourselves talking about notes 8 with the new generation already on the market?

Is not anachronism: The reason is that xiaomi seems to be willing to replenish notes 8 and bring a new model on the market, keeping the same name and adding a 2021 in parentheses, just to avoid misunderstandings. The redmi note 8 series sold very well, contributing decisively to the success of the sub-brand of xiaomi on the western market, as well as being a fundamental stamp in that broader mosaic that over time saw the series known, globally, exceed 200 million units sold. The new known redmi 8 should arrive with a soc mediatek helio g85, a battery with a capacity of 4,000 mah and would be equipped with the miui 12.5 based on android 11.