Mr Sega presented the financial results for the last fiscal year, which ended on 31 March. For companies, this is traditionally an opportunity to summarize what has happened over the past twelve months, but also discuss future plans by presenting them to investors. And so we can come to know of those who are, in large lines, the medium and long term saw plans.

The main directives of the software house are three: the one who steals the most eye is certainly the voice “super game”. In short, “super game” should not be a single project, but the basic idea that will have to animate the production of new and ambitious ip. The already active ip on the market as person 5, total war, sonic, yakuza and phantasy star online.

Among the priorities of the software houses, the plans concerning these franchises are those that will have to be realized in the narrowest time window, or within the next 3 years.