5g networks are an important reference for customers and finally it seems that the development of the infrastructure has ungrateed the right march. The great names of tech do not want to miss the opportunity and throw themselves on the market with proposals for all budgets. Among the most active there is realm that with realme 8 5g is already at the second generation of cheap 5g smartphones.

The smartphone arrives in Italy from 179 euros in launch promo, with good specifications and the usual reliable software. Indexdesign and ergonomicsthe design of realme 8 5g resumes the aesthetic canons of the other protagonists of the series 8, including the realme 8 pro, with the rear camera group on the left placed in a rectangle. The smartphone is completely plastic but it transmits a good sense of solidity, it is light and not particularly large.

The back cover in polycarbonate has a glossy finish, in any case in the package you will already find a practical transparent cover. Sideways to the right the fingerprint reader inserted in the power button is always very fast and reliable. Frontally the frames are symmetric on three sides giving balance to the design, the lower frame is thicker but not excessively.

A little too big, on the other hand, the front hole in which the front camera is placed. Does not support the screens at 120 hz (that is why realme 7 5g had a superior rr) and does not allow to make videos in 4k. Display lcd ips fullhd unit is of excellent quality, very bright and well readable even outdoor.

Telephone and connectivity ‘ surely the 5g is the biggest call offered by this smartphone, less than 200 euros offers a complete connectivity with the new networks sa and nsa. In addition to the 5g, we have found a great reliability on the phone compartment, always good reception as well as the comfort in call. There is also a function called smart 5g similar to that of iphone 12, which provides automatic switching to 5g networks only when the speed and stability of the network make them preferable to 4g, this also allows saving energy.

Realme confirms security at this point of view, the out-of-the-box smartphone works as it must, without waiting for improved updates. Experience of useRealme 8 5g immediately transmits tranquility, it works simply well, without bugs or special problems. The level is the same as the other smartphones with dimensity 800u, including the realme 7 5g predecessor who had already managed to convince in this respect.

A smartphone like this allows you to do everything, including some unpretentious gaming on frames per second. Charging takes place at 18 watts, not very fast considering the usual standards of realms. Perhaps it is the biggest gap of realms 8 5g, sin.

Photos and videosthe photo section of realme 8 5g provides a 48 mp F/1.8 main camera with isocell gm1 sensor, a 2 mp macro and a 2 mp depth sensor again. Therefore lacks a wide-angle despite the appearance of the optical group suggests the presence of 4 objectives. Realme has come down to compromises on the photo section that is slightly lower than the smartphone of the previous generation.

The quality of the shots is in line with realms 7 5g, good therefore day by definition and colors always very bright. In hdr we have found a slight tendency to overlay the high lights but altogether we can feel satisfied. At night the quality falls but thanks to the night mode you can still get discreet images.

In conclusionrealme 8 5g starts from 179 euros for the version with 4 gb of ram and 64 gb of internal memory in promotion for launch. Climbs to 229 euros for the 6/128 gb, the promo will be valid only on 18,19,20 May. The Chinese house did not make great upheavals and, on the contrary, even filed something regarding the past to keep the price low.

Despite this we find the 90 hz, 5g and great autonomy. On this realm 8 5g there are all the right ingredients to convince users, along with well calibrated technical elements in the most important compartments. Charging speed and photo section, but on the other hand the price has further decreased compared to the previous generation and if you want something more remains a valid option the realme 8 pro, giving up the 5g.

Vote: 7.35g complete 5g complete price price autonomy photo compartment 18 watt recharge photo section 18 watt recharge to 18 wattvideo video videorealme 8 5g is available online from (update of 14 May 2021, 19:20) realme 8 5g is available online from unieuro to 299 euro