No, it is not a top of range, indeed, it is a product that, at the price at which it is offered, could be considered mid-low. The specifications are however certainly interesting and so on the first occasion I exploited an offer on amazon and with 599 euros I brought home this lenovo ideapad 5 14″ with processor amd ryzen 5 5500u and 8gb of ram. From distance learning to smart-working the vast majority of users need nothing else and therefore the question arises spontaneously: Why should I spend more?

Summarysolid and well builtI’ll start right away by saying that, even though we’re spending praises, we’re not in front of the perfect solution. To contain the costs in this way obviously there is some compromise that, however, in the final calculation remains more than acceptable. The first of these is probably in thickness and weight.

As much as the print is the classic one of a 14 inch notebook, acceptable therefore, the thickness is 2 cm at the highest point and the weight is 1.6 kg, not exactly a feather. However, it remains transportable, but we certainly cannot compare it to the most recent ultra-portraits. Beyond this the materials used and the quality of assembly are of very good level.

The shell of our model is entirely made of metal material and the panels used help to increase weight but transmit an indisputable feeling of solidity. The design is sober and without frills; It has obviously been pointed out everything about the substance and at the end of the matter better so. The keyboard is one of the aspects I have most appreciated of this notebook.

In short, from this lenovo point of view is a guarantee. Little below we have the touchpad that is not huge but that still carries out its task worthyly. Fingers slip well, even if it is not obviously covered in glass, and you can use multitouch gestures without problems.

Good also the equipment of doors with two ob type a, one type c, a standard hdmi, combo audio jack and a sd card reader. A fingerprint reader is not missing, precise and quick in the unlocking, inserted in the power button at the top right above the keyboard. In this case it is a classic 14 inch diagonal lcd panel with fullhd resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio.

The colors are rather bright and the contrast ratio is sufficient to maintain a overall quality however suitable to the target. I spend two words on speaker and audio. Performance and autonomyideapad 5 14″ is equipped with an amd ryzen 5 5500u processor with integrated graphics radeon vega graphics.

About ssd: Be careful about the format when you have to replace it. It is not a classic pcie 2280 but a smaller 2242, I leave you below a link for a 512 gb model to facilitate the task. Let’s talk about a moment of performance because despite the price this is a product that can really compete with notebooks normally placed at decidedly higher figures.

The merit of the cooling system, yes, but also of the production process very optimized. Temperatures are always in the norm, both inside and outside the shell. As already said the graphic component is only the integrated one; enough to perform basic operations but certainly not to play or mount videos with special effects.

Let’s say you can go for a few minutes with the little games you find on the microsoft store but don’t think you’re going any further. Despite this, as already stated several times, we are still faced with a product that adapts to perfection to those that are the needs of most users. Would you like a new notebook to replace the old home desktop?

The module we find here offers a capacity of 56,5 wh which, considering the size, are not even few. At full load of course you consume more and the battery discharges completely in about two hours. In pack we find a loader with type c connector which is able to provide a maximum of 95w and then to load the notebook even in oo and full load.

Moreover, thanks to fast charging, we can get up to 3 hours of use in just 15 minutes. Considerations and priceHere we are at the time of drawing the sums even if most of the things I should tell you already I anticipated. The price list is 699 euros for the version we tried but, as already spoiled in the introduction, we paid it well 100 euros less.

Why should I spend more on a notebook? If your needs are basic and weight and thickness do not affect your choice so important then there is really no reason why you should exceed this figure. Ideapad 5 14″ is, at this moment, the solution under the 700 euros I would recommend, and I would add also “closed eyes”.