Approaching the launch of the new imac 24″ with soc m1 and, as usual, apple began to release a series of interviews aimed at telling the main aspects of its new product. The new imac is in fact the fifth product of the lineup apple to make use of the soc m1. This means equal performance and functionality among all devices that share this hardware platform, such as mac mini, macbook air, pro and even ipad pro, as well as the aforementioned imac.

Benchmarks have shown it abundantly: All products equipped with m1 are virtually identical machines on the performance profile. The differences emerge in other areas, such as the dissipation system – the only element able to create a performance gap over the long term – and the destination of use. Imac then concludes the first part of the transition to Apple silicone (the final part will be the one where the next macbook pro, imac pro and mac pro will jump towards the proprietary architecture), that is where at least one representative of each category is equipped with m1.

Imac with m1: L’HUB of the apple worldfor the cupertino house, imac with m1 can become the real hub around which orbit other ipados and ipados devices, this thanks to the strengthening of the ecosystem concept always dear to apple. In addition to this, Apple believes that the design of the new imac will strengthen the concept at the basis of all its products, that is, the one according to which the hardware must disappear in order to leave only the experience of use. In short, the new imac – at least from the apple point of view – is the device that can make from a meeting point on which to bring together all the work, teaching and leisure flows that come from other products macos, ipados and ios.

But this is a subject we will treat at another moment.