To maintain more clean and more focused on really useful and interesting things for our users, we decided to shorten all these news in one article. For some chips delivery times reach up to 1 year! It is for this reason that waiting times are long also on the new preorders of late April.

Iphone 12 with magsafe are not dangerous for patients with pacemakerAt the beginning of this year the Heart rhythm journal has raised a perplexity linked to the magsafe technology present on iphone 12 and people with pacemaker. In particular, one wondered whether this could create interference by representing a risk to the health of these people already at risk. All the other: apple has hired a very good designer, scott croyle, who will take care of relaunching the beats brand with headphones with “different” design.

Scott had worked in htc by feeding the fantastic htc one m7 and m8 (which I personally loved a lot). A long future for beats is therefore expected, with new headphones coming from the revolutionary design.