Elon musk amazed all with the first results of its neuralink system (the monkey playing pong with thought you saw it?,) but it is not the only reality involved in the study and development of neural plants. Fortunately, important progress is being made in this scientific field and recently a very promising new neural plant experiment has been detailed in a research published in the still magazine (sourced). ) A team of scientists from the stanford university developed a neural interface system of brain type – computer, also known as bci, thanks to which it was possible to translate the thoughts into text viewable on a display.

Operating tests were carried out thanks to a volunteer, a man of 65 years paralyzed from life down. This interface is based on a series of implanted electrodes that are able to record brain waves, while an algorithm manages in real time to translate the letters thought in written text. An incredible technology especially in relation to the timing, since this system managed to interpret and write about 40 characters in a minute!

The goal is to make this bci interface accessible to all at a commercial level and therefore we will continue to monitor its developments.