“lose the vice of losing things.” This is the challenge launched by apple to all its followers, the most faithful to the brand but especially the most distracted, with the introduction on the airtag market. The payoff they were announced to me immediately kidnapped, from incurable fool what they are.

I have lost everything in life: keys, wallets, bags, jewelry, umbrellas (many umbrellas,) backpacks, headphones, coats. For this, the last novelty of the apple lies to me as a flute stands at an enchanted cobra in a suq of tunisi. A few days of use I was enough to understand that these small accessories have potential, if not to revolutionize people’s lives, at least to facilitate it.

In order to be able to review them in an unmissable, complete and truthful way, I would nevertheless need to spend in their company a few weeks more, if not even month. The saving function of airtags, truthful or overestimated that it is, in fact emerges at the real moment of need. But stop talking: I tell you three things that I immediately enjoyed the trackers of apples and three aspects that I didn’t really like, plus a wildcard halfway (from which I will leave. )

Summarythe price is aThere is a component that leaves me buried, split in half between acceptance and dissent: the price. These small steel objects (highly scratchable, ndr,) link between a two euro coin and a concert pin for their roundish and lillipuziana shape, are also the cheapest apple device on the market. The single version costs 35 euros, while the price of the four pack is 119 euros.

Easy to useairtags are very simple devices to use. To activate them, in fact, you have to do nothing but release them from the film and detach the plastic tab that physically separates the battery from the contacts. A click on connects and the game – foolproof – is done.

There is therefore no need to download an app (where it is already pre-installed), nor any need to match your tag to the bluetooth. The ecosystem expandsAlthough on paper they are, airtags cannot and should not be considered simple bluetooth trackers, but something more. Are in fact the key to access the extermination network of apple devices that constellate the globe gathered under the control of the app where it is.

And that is how the ecosystem of the morsicata apple, increasingly interconnected and indispensable for its aficionados (hater, not wanttemene) expands. Do not fear: androids will be redirected to an apple web page containing the same information. The autonomy, according to what is said by apple, is about a year.

The advantage here is double: the anxiety disappears of having to periodically recharge the device and becomes a game for boys to replace the battery once discharged. To do so, you will need a supermarket and your two inches (to open the tag just press them on the silver side and rotate the two components. ) The time I tried to search for my airtag in the editorial office, lost in his solitude after a day of trial, intercepting it was in fact quite difficult.

Forgotten on the first floor, the airtag did not easily manifest, accomplices the walls that hindered the signal. And here I am attached to the “play” button like Grandma’s intercom at lunchtime (yes, then I found it. ) Expect to find your airtag marked, already a few hours of use, by a constellation of involuntary engravings and annoying signs as they were handled by edward hands of scissors.

The question has already been widely debated and we all agree that the apple trackers are not a device to perform, so it is not so serious that they spoil themselves externally. But let’s face it: in addition to advanced technologies, apple could have also bet on materials that are more resistant to oura. And it would be better for your ears, not so much because the sibilo is annoying (you know it is,) but because in my opinion it is also not effective.

I will tell you more: is not even so powerful (sound, not my hearing. ) But therefore, does it make sense to buy one or more airtags or is it better to let it go? I will be honest: it depends on whether you want to do it.

The airtags have no sense to: follow people (the categorical imperative is only one, and to say it is also apple: do not even try us. In the case of children, it would be better to use an apple watch with family setup.)