Last week’s noises took us in full: the 2021 livecon was really for htc the opportunity to launch two new viewers for virtual reality. We are talking about live pro 2 and focus 3 – and also here, the indiscretions had seen us right. Live pro 2 is a high-end device, designed to be connected by cable to the pc, and that in the catalogue obviously goes to collect the legacy of the ocited predecessor in 2018; Live focus 3 is instead a stand alone product enshrined for companies, and in fact there is no direct sale to consumers.

Htc lives pro 2if the exterior design of the visor speaks the same language as the predecessor, from which little is disconnected, the lens has been redesigned and redesigned: now the angle of vision offered is 120 degrees (on live pro of 110,) thus guaranteeing an immersive effect even more credible and impact. Htc lives pro 2 on a hardware level is a major refresh: the new internal panels to the visor will be lcd and no longer oled with refresh rate to 120 hz for maximum fluidity and a resolution 5k , i.e. Compared to the live pro and its 1400×1600 pixels is a nice leap forward.

Htc lives focus 3htc lives focus 3 is a stand alone product, yes, but in the plans of the company is not a response to the quest 2 of oculus, but something different from the moment that as said will be sold only to the business market. Htc has not been able to lessate on the display even in this case, and therefore we find the same unpublished solution of pro 2, i.e. Two lcd screens with 5k resolution of 2448×2448 pixels per eye and lenses capable of guaranteeing a viewing angle of 120 degrees.

Compared to the pro 2 in fact also the controllers will be different, although curiously more similar to those of this 2.