The list consists of: huawei matepad 2 (codename “marx 2”)(codename “marx 2”) huawei matepad 2 pro (code name wagner)(code name wagner) huawei watch 3huawei watch 3 pro two smartwatch and two tablets, I mean. The presentation should take place on 2 June, with actual availability on 10 June. The two tablets should have display from, respectively, 12,2 and 12,9 (or 12,6, there are discordant voices) inches diagonal.

The first should be produced by Chinese huaxing, the second by samsung, with maximum refresh rate of 120 hz. Finally, charging data indicate maximum speed 40 w cable and 27 w wireless. The operating system should be a variant of harmonyos optimized for tablets: the commercial name should be pados.

Software side, however, is said that the graphical interface will be different from the demo that was circulated in recent months. For reference, this was the video: and this is instead a presumed screenshot of how it should be the definitive one. It is worth remembering that, always according to indiscretions, huawei planned to launch them already in early spring, and then decide to postpone just because of harmonyos.

It is not yet said that there has been a new postponement; by the way just minutes ago we reported the first, of course presumed, to make officers. If the marketing department starts to activate, it is fair to assume that the wait is not as long.