Google fiber has its official logo: it took just a decade from the actual launch of the service, but in the end we are. The new logo applies both to fiber and fiber webpass, basically the wireless version of the service based on antennas mounted on the roof of the building. Previously was a standing provider, simply called webpass, then was incorporated into fiber in February fiber was born in the now distant 2010 and, as it leaves easily guess the name, is an internet provider of fiber optics directly at home (in Italy we would call them ftth, in short).

Recently, the provider began distributing subscriptions at a maximum speed of 2 gigabits, theoretically able to manage up to 70 streams in 4k at the same time. The expansion of fiber has had some hitch in the past years, but at the moment it is available in 19 cities distributed in 14 states in the oa.