Federal agencies, in poor words, will have to modernize their security models, which have become obsolete, introducing within the next six months in their systems an authentication system based on multiple factors and the encryption of all data in order to avoid or make any cyber attacks more difficult. The zero trust approach will no longer be just an option for the security of federal agencies that today will have the obligation to ” never trust and always check” all communications. Zero trust is a network security model based on a strict identity verification process that allows access to applications and data only to authenticated users and devices.

The modernization of federal cybersecurity is only one of the elements of the executive order signed by the biden president who also calls for greater sharing of information between the government and the private sector in order to develop a basic standard for the security of the supply chain of the software sold to the federal government. The order also requires the creation of a cybersecurity safety review board, similar to the national transportation safety board, as well as a sort of “goo manual” to define the behavioral lines to follow in case of cyber attacks.