Last week began to spin an apple-related noise and the possible creation of a real game console with similar features to the nintendo switch. Compared to the nintendo switch, of which the alleged device should inherit the shape and the concept, the apple console would have a new dedicated chip to enjoy a greater cpu and gpu series. The truth is that noises on alleged apple game consoles have been circulating for many years but never as at this moment is decidedly unlikely that the company is evaluating this sector.

Nintendo has managed to impose itself on the market thanks to its ecosystem of original games, like super mario, but apple does not have aces in the sleeve of this type. Games like those for nintendo switches are already available on other Apple platforms so if the company wanted to enter the game industry would do so to compete with sony and microsoft rather than with the switch. For those who did not know the story, in 1996 apple launched a console called apple pippin and was one of the largest flops in the company.

As soon as steve jobs was summed up in the apple was the first thing he eliminated. Would you like an apple console like that of nintendo or do you think it is quite replaceable with existing devices?