roidmi presented the new range of wireless vacuum cleaner x30 in mid 2020. There are three models: x30 base, x30 pro (which we are oando from a few weeks) and x30 plus. The motor and the suction power are identical in all models, change the technical equipment and some accessories.

The roidmi x30 pro surprises with the compact size that however lead to some compromise. Is light: the motor body stops the needle of the balance at only 1,66 kilograms while with brush and tube you get to 2.7 kilograms. What makes the difference is, however, the weight distribution, which allows to oate the electric broom for a different time without affecting the arm.

The materials and assemblies are of good level and also the system of coupling of the various accessories is robust and simple to be oare. Inside the X30 pro package, a series of accessories are provided, including the new Nex-V motorized brush and the flexible extension tube combined with the pet grooming brush. The brush has a new design roller with soft bristles, usually oated in the brushes for delicate surfaces, alternating with harsher bristles with v shape.

This allows for greater ease of use and above all better effectiveness on all surfaces, including carpets. The accessory for the grooming of animals is not present in the basic model, so it is worth choosing the pro model for those with long-haired animals in the house. There is also the motorized brush dedicated to cleaning upholstery and small surfaces.

Given the compactness, the dust collection tank has a capacity of only 0.55 liters, lower than the average of the competitors, above 0.6 liters. Among the novelties worth mentioning is the 2500 mah lithium battery that allows you to have an autonomy among the highest in the segment. With the highest suction mode you can clean for about ten minutes.

The battery unfortunately is not removable, solution instead adopted by other competitors like dyson v11 and xiaomi g10. The roidmi x30 pro is also equipped with bluetooth connectivity, through which you can connect the electric broom to the dedicated application, compatible with both iOS and android devices and downloadable by framing the qr code provided in the oo book and maintenance. Via the application you can select the power level of the standard suction mode, as well as monitor the usage time and wear of accessories.

The calories consumed are visible both through the app and through the oled display on the broom, at the end of each cleaning. The display displays the selected suction mode and residual autonomy in minutes. The main brush is equipped with led that allow to illuminate the area to be cleaned and to better identify the dirt.

In this way the leds are only lit when needed and with great sensitivity, so as to save electricity. Aspiration and daily useroidmi has tried to innovate in the field of wireless vacuum cleaners oando a different design than other alternatives. This gives a non-oual impact compared to what we are used to, but the X30 pro is still comfortable.

During our tests we have learned that on hard surfaces such as terracotta and parquet, the Nex-V brush behaves well. Some extra difficulties on short-haired carpets, where we noticed a little bit of effort to capture smaller particles. The roidmi x30 pro is also equipped with an anti-crowding system similar to that already seen on the xiaomi vacuum cleaner g10, which offers good performance with hair and hair with a length less than 8 cm.

Very long hair unfortunately ends up twisting on the brush, forcing us to districate it manually. The noise produced in eco- and standard mode does not exceed 70 db while it becomes more annoying in maximum suction mode, but we have oato only in very rare fringes or carpets so as to improve cleaning. Is missing, unlike some competitors, an automatic mode that can independently increase power when encountering more hostile dirt or more difficult to clean surfaces.

A solution that not only minimizes the risk of getting in touch with how much harvested, but avoids accidental openings. Water falls by gravity, so it is not possible to adjust the flow of water according to the surfaces. The dining room in case a few drops of fruit juice fall) but is insufficient for washing larger areas.

Conclusionswith the x30 roidmi series has realized a series of functional devices and that go to improve clearly the experience of the previous x20 series. The X30 pro is the right choice for those who have pets at home, while otherwise we recommend saving something and taking the basic version, that is the standard X30. The price of 529 euros is high and places the vacuum cleaner wireless in direct competition with the dyson v11 proposed from 549 euros.

V11 provides greater power with regard to the aspiration of dirt and automatic mode is a valid help in everyday life. Roidmi offers a richer range of accessories and given the more compact size is more versatile. Sin for the lack of a real wall docking station, which would make the charging operation more intuitive as well as allow better management of accessories.

Compactness and ergonomics compactness and ergonomics equipped with accessories power aspiring power aspirer autonomy battery non-removable battery non-removable accessory washing equipment not suitable for large surfaces accessories washing equipment not suitable for large surfaces price high price