The next version of the playstation vr comes back to make talk about itself, thanks to a new report published by uploadvr that anticipates some of the features of the new generation vr visor of sony. Fortunately, uploadvr has good news for us; let’s go and find out what it is. Playstation vr 2: a net step forwardduring his first sony announcement, he announced that the second generation of his viewer would introduce important updates to his predecessor, beginning with the panel resolution.

According to uploadvr, the next Japanese headset will offer 2000 x 2040 pixels per eye, compared to the 960 x 1080 of the current model, so a total of 4000 x 2040 pixels, just beyond the 4k. On the front of the technologies, instead, we find support to the foveated rendering, that is a technique of rendering the images that allows to give greater priority to the elements that the player is watching. This allows you to maximize the resources of playstation 5 and to draw the best vr experience possible without waste.

To finish, the new playstation vr will also integrate a physical adjustment system of interpupillar distance. According to the noise, it should be possible to act fully on this parameter, so without limiting itself to the three fixed positions of the latter, instead proposing something more similar to the first ref. A promising productthe noises reported by uploadvr offer us an extremely interesting device, able to offer support to the best technologies in the field of vr to today available.

The strength of the sony proposal – as the first ps vr – will be to propose a high quality experience at an all-in-one affordable price. If the first details about the new controllers had intrigued us, now we can say that playstation vr 2 has our complete attention.