The OSIRIS-REx probe has spent almost 5 years in space and is now about to embark on its journey back to the earth with a really special load. We have followed in detail all its operations in recent months, but for those who had never heard of it, it is thanks to the mission that the nasa is about to bring on the earth samples of asteroids taken from the surface of the rocky body called bennu. Before the nasa only the Japanese space agency jaxa had succeeded with the Hayabusa-2 mission.

OSIRIS-REx’s goal was to reach the asteroid and find a point on its surface that is easy to drill for sample collection. The operation, lasting about 6 seconds, allowed the collection of about 60 grams of material, resulting less difficult than expected. The journey will be long and will not end before 24 September 2023, the day when the air return is expected.

The motors of the ship were lit yesterday at 22.23 according to our time zone, thus pushing the medium to almost 1000 km/h, the speed necessary to a journey of about 2,5 years. The nasa hopes that the samples of asteroids can provide answers on the origin of the solar system and perhaps of the life itself, but it will proceed by degrees and will not immediately abuse the whole crop.