Laptop msi for creatorslaptop msi for gamingcreatormsi creator z16creator z16 is made of aluminium with cnc milling and is proposed in the color Lunar grey. Is equipped with a 16:10 true pixel qhd+ display with a wide viewing angle, covers 100% of the DCI-P3 color range and has thin frames for a particularly high screen-wind ratio. The internal heat is dissipated by the “windows with thinner blades in the world” (just 1 mm thick)!

And with the help of proprietary technology msi cooler boost. To mention the mini led display with auo amoled technology and 1,000 nits of brightness. The renewed lineup consists of products of the series leopard, pulse, raider, stealth and katana.

Leopard leopard gp76 and gp66 can be considered the perfect solution for those who want to achieve the best performance both in gaming and in design activities. And the choice by msi to equip the laptops of the 11th generation intel core processor i7 and gpu nvidia geforce rtx 3070 moves exactly in that sense. Present a redesigned heat dissipation system capable of generating an air flow to lower temperatures.

It is equipped with an independent numerical keypad, while under the shell we find gpu in version nvidia geforce rtx 3060 or 3050ti. The technical card is from top of range, with graphics nvidia geforce rtx 3080 with tgp up to 165w, display with refresh rate up to 360hz (the qhd version comes to 240hz), cooler boost 5 of msi and connectivity wifi 6e. Improves autonomy thanks to the more generous battery, as well as changes the display, now available until the qhd resolution with refresh rate at 240hz.

Is the ideal solution for those who are on the move. The katana gf76 and gf66 laptops are born to be the “entry-level” solutions of the entire msi gaming offer, however maintaining particularly high performance thanks (also) to the presence of the nvidia geforce rtx 3060 graphics.